Monday, June 6, 2011

Ride the Drive (the mad mad world of Madison bikes)

I spent Sunday afternoon June 5 riding the 6 mile meander through the downtown area of Madison that was the course for "Ride the Drive".  The city of Madison shuts down 6 miles of streets to cars so bicyclist have the whole road to themselves. It's an amazingly relaxed ride when you don't have to look over your shoulder for the next speeding SUV. 

Lots of smiling faces and good times for the estimated 20 to 30 thousand folks who showed up. 

As I said, lots of folk and lots of bikes. A  very relaxing time.
Lots and lots of bikes of course and many booths set up. Recumbents where easily spotted and comfy commuter bikes where everywhere, and of course lots of lycra clad sporty speedsters. But I ended up taking mostly photos of the offbeat whacky bikes. This is stuff you just don't see every day. 

Pictures speak louder then words so have a look

A bit of Cycle Chic right here in Madison. The blond women in the upper center is the owner, with matching dress of course.

A three wheeled cargo type bike with a little one inside

Tandem recumbent with another little tot in tow. 

All those folks sitting down have peddles, though I can't say they where all peddling.  I have seen pictures of this type of bike from the Netherlands, only there they serve beer.

One of the many side by side tandems that could be seen. Next to it is a tricked out cruiser

A beautiful condition 1968 Raleigh Sprite. This one made in England and fully decked out from the factory with rack, leather Brooks saddle, and five speed internal gear hub as opposed to the usual three speed. The owner bought it at a garage sale in northern Wisconsin for $40.

One of the bikes from a booth set up with many experimental type bikes.  The public was invited to give-em a spin. As far as I know they weren't for sale but just lots of fun.

A large wheeled bike. You can compare it to the 26 inch wheel bike next to it. It's supposed to give you the feel of when you where a kid riding a bike much to large for you.

A grass bike. Quick growing grass seed is glued on the bike and it grows. It last about two weeks. Then I suppose it needs to be replanted.

This one deserves another look so my friend Carol gives it a spin. Yes, that is grass growing on the helmet.

A bike with bowling balls for wheels.

And it's actually ridable.
Unfortunately the mayor of Madison, Paul Soglin, canceled the "Ride the Drive" scheduled for September, though there is one at about the same time next year. Drop on by and bring the kids. 

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